Monday, August 29, 2011

Roasted beet salad with goat cheese

Earlier I did a post on roasted beets. That was my first attempt on roasting beets and I think that roasting is now my favorite way of preparing beets. But, as with almost everything else, you need to try some different flavors, otherwise things get boring. It turns out that goat cheese is a great companion for beets. Along with a tiny hint of sweet and sour. 

Cottage cheese made from raw milk

Although dairy isn't permitted on a strict Paleo diet, I still eat it. It seems that my body tollerates small amounts of dairy just fine and I find some dairy products, especially cheese, cream and full fat yogurt, hard to resist. I do, however, consume it as much as possible in it's raw or fermented state. Yesterday I made a batch of cottage cheese from raw milk and I was surprised the difference between home made and store bought. I liked the store bought, but I love, love, love the home made! Much more flavor. And it's really easy to make. Here's what you need: